Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New on the pod

New on the pod

Chevelle – Point #1
Chevelle – This Type of Thinking Could Do Us In
Ian Gillian – Gillian’s Inn
Samantha 7 – Samantha 7
Seether – Karma and Effect
Snow Patrol – Final Straw
Steve Morse – Major Impacts 2
The Mamas & the Papas – Greatest Hits
Ultimate 16 Originals: Retro 90’s
Audiobook: David Mitchell – Cloud Atlas (Listening Now)
Quick Audiobook Review:

Elie Wiesel – Night: What a brilliantly terrifying book. Everyone should read this book so as to become familiar with the potential darkness of the human soul and to guard against the possibility of the nights Elie Wiesel spent in Auschwitz ever happening again.

Joshilyn Jackson – Gods in Alabama: How could you not dive right into a book that starts out, “There are Gods in Alabama. Jack Daniels, high school Quarterbacks, trucks, big tits and also…Jesus.” ? Good story with lots of twists and turns.
Well, I keep moving things around here and there on the site.

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Michaelb said... someone who lives in Alabama.....There is also more to us and our state that some psycho-bable writing from someone who has probably never visited Alabama.

That would be like me saying everyone who lives in West Haven, Conn. drives Beamers and drinks Fru-Fru Coffee from Starbucks. They all read the Atlantic and listen to NPR and think Prarrie Home Companion is "Boss."

Well, anyway...we do have our fair share of trucks and quaterbacks and maybe some do drink Jack Daniels. But the sterotyping has got to stop. If you'll excuse me I have to go out to the cotton fields and pick some Rayon and Polyester before the first frost hits.
Y'all come back hear?

pseudojoe said...

In Joshilyn Jackson's bio on her website,, it says,

"Joshilyn Jackson was born in the Deep South and raised by a tribe of wild fundamentalists who taught her to be virtuous and upright. Unfortunately, it didn't take, and Ms. Jackson dropped out of college to pursue a career as an actor. She worked in regional repertoire and traveled the southern third of the country with a dinner theatre troupe, but after a few years she realized that she preferred writing plays to acting in them.

She returned to school and graduated with honors from Georgia State University with a degree in English. While living in Atlanta, she worked as both a writer and actor with The Players, a children's theatre group. She moved to Chicago and managed to recover from a near-terminal case of culture shock just in time to earn her MA in English from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Ms. Jackson taught English at UIC, trying to explain the function of the gerund and why Moby Dick is a great book to crowds of hung-over 18 year olds. In her first year of teaching, she won the Student's Choice Award for Best English Instructor."

So I don't know about Alabama, but she's at least from the region. Just so you know, Gods In Alabama is a work of fiction and, regardless of the stereotypes it may invoke, it was still a pretty good book.

By the way, if you were keeping score: I don't drive a Beamer (Honda Element), I can kind of deal with the Starbucks thing but not their prices, I don't read the Atlantic but I do like NPR & PHC (Garrison rocks)...not a bad read really.

Thanks for reading,