Saturday, April 26, 2008

Onthepodcast: Episode 016 - Danielle Miraglia, Nicola and Montana Skies

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Onthepodcast: Episode 016

Chris Lester’s Metamor City Podcast Promo

Danielle Miraglia and her song Cry

Danielle’s Website:

Danielle’s MySpace Page:

Nicola and her song Anybody Out There

Nicola’s Website:

Nicola’s MySpace Page:

Montana Skies and their song Gringo Flamenco

Montana Skies Website:

Montana Skies Reverb Nation Page:

Bill DeSmedt’s Singularity Promo

End of Episode 016 of Onthepodcast

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Danielle Miraglia: Live at The Evening Muse & my thoughts on Nothing Romantic

There are some things that you should know about me. I’m a guitar player. I love girls with guitars…you know, the whole singer songwriter thing. I think I’m a closet folkie to a certain extent. With that in mind, is it any wonder that when Danielle Miraglia took the stage of the Evening Muse in Charlotte, NC I was totally blown away?

Miraglia, hailing from Eastern Massachusetts, successfully treads the fine line between folk and blues, dipping equally well into both styles to reward the listener with a sound that is as uniquely current as it is classic. Finger picking her way through traditional progressions, she played a forty-five minute set full of her take on the human condition and of everything that makes the blues real as opposed to just something on an old vinyl disc.

Sufficiently awed by her musicianship and delivery, I picked up a copy of her latest disc and in listening to Danielle Miraglia’s third album, Nothing Romantic, the mixture of acoustic guitar and her amazing voice make me think of better times where things were just a bit slower and somehow more simple. These are American songs that evoke images of the open road and wide open spaces. These are simple songs that are elegantly complex in their arrangements and lyrics. These are, in essence, honest songs.

Danielle Miraglia is a true talent and an amazing find in a world where female musicians seem to only be valued for how they will look on MTV and not whether or not they actually have something to say and can do so musically without sounding like a cat with it’s tail stuck in a car door. The only sad part of listening to her sing and play is the certainty of knowing that because she actually has musical integrity her success as a musician may be limited by it.

Onthepodcast: Episode 15 + 1 - Correction =)

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As I said in my last blog post…

“Uh…well…I…uh kind of made a mistake when I was talking about Philippa Ballantine & Chasing The Bard. In my excitement I mistakenly referred to the character of Puck as Pip…not once, but twice. I humbly beg for forgiveness from you my esteemed listener and from Philippa “Pip” Ballantine, the only Kiwi I know, virtually or otherwise.”

Again…my apologies”

…Well, here’s an audio apology and a voicemail Onthepodcast got about my little screw up. Take a listen and don’t forget to check out Philippa Ballantine & Chasing The Bard at

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Onthepodcast: Episode 015 - CORRECTION!!!

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Uh…well…I…uh kind of made a mistake when I was talking about Philippa Ballantine & Chasing The Bard. In my excitement I mistakenly referred to the character of Puck as Pip…not once, but twice. I humbly beg for forgiveness from you my esteemed listener and from Philippa “Pip” Ballantine, the only Kiwi I know, virtually or otherwise.

I am working on a correction, but I wanted to make you all aware.

Again…my apologies

Joe from Onthepodcast.

Philippa Ballantine & Chasing The Bard

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Onthepodcast: Episode 015 - Philippa Ballantine, Paul Fischer and Babylon Bombs

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Onthepodcast: Episode 15 – Intro

Philippa Ballantine’s Chasing The Bard Promo

Philippa Ballantine & Chasing The Bard

Ronnie Blackwell’s Serve It Cold Promo

Ronnie Blackwell's Website:

Serve It Cold at

The Dancing Cat Studios Website:

My Introduction to Paul Fischer

The A.D.D.cast Website:

The Balticon Podcast Website:

The Dancing Cat Studios Website:

Paul Fischer’s Intro to Hometown Hero by Babylon Bombs

The Babylon Bombs Website:

The Podsafe Music Network Website:

Mike Bennett’s Hall of Mirrors: Salvation Promo

End of Episode 15 of Onthepodcast

Ann Regentin’s A Foolish World Promo

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Hi everybody,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for getting to over 6000 hits...not to mention the last 1000+ of those have happened since 02/20/08!!! Over a thousand hits in under two months! You guys rock.

Thanks so much and if there's anything you're not seeing or want to see here at drop me a line at!

Thanks again,

Joe from

Monday, April 14, 2008

Nicola: Live at The Evening Muse 04/10/08

It seems like no matter where I go, I find that one place where things I like keep showing up. In Charlotte that place is NoDa's The Evening Muse, and this time the thing I like happens to be Nicola. Yes, Nicola. One name, kind of like Madonna…if Madonna actually had a vocal range, wrote her own songs and wasn't burdened by that whole blonde ambition thing. Ok, so now that I think about it she's nothing at all like Madonna.

Nicola rolled into Charlotte, and The Evening Muse, to promote the release of her new album Don't Take It Personally. Even though she only played a short acoustic set, accompanied by her longtime musical collaborator Jules Rosaly on bass, all of the energy and vocal prowess of this visiting diva-in-waiting shone through.

Did I mention that Nicola could sing? The Evening Muse is a small, intimate venue and she filled it. Truth be told, she probably could have filled it if the PA suddenly lost power and all the microphones burst into flame. Encompassed in this raven haired New Yorker is a powerfully trained, theatrical voice, which to me seems as if it could be just as at home on a Broadway stage as the Muse's smaller one.

As Nicola progressed through her set of stripped down original songs and the occasional cover, it also became clear that she could more than hold her own on guitar as well. The combination of voice, acoustic guitar and accompanying bass easily filled out the sonic landscape of those same stripped down songs…and they were even helped by a passing siren that had the amazing fortune of being in the right key and at a perfect place in her last song.

Musically, Nicola has her sights set on Pop, but not the bubblegum Brittney pop that currently saturates what passes for radio these days. She takes the classic foundation of a pop song and weaves in elements of jazz and rock along with just a touch of influence from warmer climates further south to make her own music more than just your average run of the mill pop song.

Nicola and Jules are back in New York for gigs around the City culminating in the last stop on her Don't Take It Personally CD release mini-tour at Pianos on May 2nd, where she will take all of the tunes from her Charlotte appearance and flesh them out with her full band. Hopefully after that she can find her way back down to the Queen City again with her full band and treat us all to the full Nicola experience.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Onthepodcast: Episode 14 - Mur Lafferty, Dani Cutler and Black Lab

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Onthepodcast: Episode 14 – Intro

Mur Lafferty’s Heaven: Wasteland Promo

Mur Lafferty’s Website:

Wasteland at

An Interview With Mur Lafferty

Mur Lafferty’s Website:

Wasteland at

The Truth Seekers Podcast Promo

The Truth Seekers Website:

Dani Cutler Introduces This Week’s Song

The Truth Seekers Website:

Ecstacy by Black Lab

The Black Lab Website:

Black Lab on the Podsafe Music Network

The Tale Chasing Promo:

The Tale Chasing Website:

Creative Commons Info and Contact Info:
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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Emusic and 30 Song Reivews

My friend and fellow podcaster Nuri, of Candy Corn Studios and the amazing web comic Seeing In Stereo, recently put up the piece that follows on her LiveJournal blog.

It fits what we do her at so I thought I'd offer her the opportunity to repost it here...and she graciously accepted. Check it out, there's some really great stuff here that I most likely never would have heard about without her.

Sometimes, it's really cool to have friends!


This is a review of the 30 songs I downloaded from Emusic at the beginning of February. I should have done this for the songs I got the first time around (I had an account for awhile while I was in college, but canceled it to save money), but better late than never. Maybe I'll do some retroactive reviews too. This will help me remember what I'm gotten, what I liked, and maybe give my friends something to check out on Emusic. For the record, the $10/month plan with 30 songs per 30-day-period is plenty enough unless you have HOURS to spend online or are indiscriminate about your music.

* - Wish I hadn't downloaded it
** - It's okay, but nothing special
*** - Lyrics and/or music are pretty good
**** - It's on my frequently played list
**** - Love it, listen to it repetitively, and probably know most of the words

Amy Fox

I originally found one of her songs, House of Thick Skin, on the Artists For Change : The Goddess Within compilation. A Rock-and Roll sound with a hint of Country influence.
  • Undertow *** : Haunting and ominous-sounding, starts out slow but builds. Reminds me of House of Thick Skin.

  • Down * : This song isn't BAD...I just don't get anything out of it, or care to listen to it.

  • Do It Again ***

  • Human Driftwood **** : I love certain parts of this song, and most of the rest is at least good. Like many of her songs, it varies between a heavy rhythm and light parts.

  • Keeping Time With The Moon **

  • Away *** : The sweetest and slowest of her songs I downloaded. It's nice. Vocals with light piano in the background.

Laura Bradley

Honestly, I'd never heard of her before...I probably found her by going through someone's list. Her music and voice remind me of No Doubt, but I've only heard a few of their songs, so it may not be a good comparison. I put it on as background music mostly, except for the songs I really, really like.
  • Reason *** : Good song with a funky beat and a catchy chorus. Also, not depressing, which is a plus!

  • Rain **

  • Storm **

  • Rockbottom ***

  • Drive ****

  • Firegirl ***** : One of my two favorites on this album. I love the lyrics, and the music is unique and memorable. It's got a wavy, cruising feel to it.

  • Superhero ***** : The other of my two favorites on this album. The song is spacey and uplifting. It's a love song though, so if those make you sick, this one's not for you.

  • Probably ***** : "Probably it will be okay" is a great way to sum up this song. It's also the first line of the chorus. Stronger rhythm than most of the other songs on this album.

  • Skin **

  • Surrender **** : This one's good for the end of the day at work..."That's enough for today; one of us needs a drink."

  • Choosing You * : No really, I never listen to this song except if it happens to show up in a playlist and I'm too lazy to skip it.

  • Sword and Stone * : Not sure what the deal is with this song, but it's not even really good background music.

Amy Sky

Found her on someone's list, checked out the album. These were the two that I really liked. Wow, what a voice!

  • Ordinary Miracles **** : Really sweet, especially if you have kids (that you like...).

  • Phenomenal Woman ***** : I am a woman, and I am awesome. Nuff said. But I will elaborate; Musical style similar to Aretha's A Natural Woman.

Gilli Moon

I've liked this singer since I found Damaged or Broken on a compilation album. She has a low, clear voice and often her music sounds a little haunting.

  • Release Me ***

  • Someone to Love ***** : This song has one of those haunting rhythmic piano melodies. Mmmm!

Ingrid Michaelson

Don't remember if I round her through a list or a related artist link, but she's got some decent stuff. Reminds me a little of Michelle Branch.

  • Die Alone **** : I was hooked on the way this song started; even if the lyrics had been no so great, I'd have still liked it. But they ARE great!

  • Breakable **** : Sweet sounding song, more good piano.

Maia Sharp

Great voice, great songs, and wonderful diversity throughout her albums. She has a husky voice, but uses it well, so I don't mind. Picked up this one at the end of my downloads and put the rest on the list for the subsequent month.

  • Red Dress ***** : I found this song very inspiring. Makes me think of Miss J.R. Blackwell!


More trancey than the emusic I typically go for, but it's always good to try new things. I like them, but didn't find anything particularly distinctive to keep me coming back.
  • New Day Rising **

Shane Nicholson

You may have noticed that I tend towards the female artists on Emusic. That's because they're easier (for me) to sing to. However, I went with an exception here. The songs have low ratings mostly because I just don't listen to 'em as much as I should. His music reminds me of Deas Vail and Jars of Clay, but not so immersed in religiosity.

  • Safe and Sound ***

  • Stolen Car **

Tara Maclean

Another one I picked up from someone's list. SO glad I did. Her voice is lovely, and her style is great too.

  • Wait it Out **** : Optimistic and laid back song, easy to sing to.

  • Got a Light ***** : I love this song! Especially the line, "It's a natural condition to be drawn to science fiction." Rolling and rhythmic.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Onthepodcast: Episode 13.5 (April Fools Day 2.0)

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Onthepodcast: Episode 13.5 (April Fools Day 2.0)

Onthepodcast: Episode 13.5 Intro

JC Hutchins SOBcon Promo:

Jared Axelrod and The Voice of Free Planet X:

Main Show Site:

Episode 81: Amelia Effective, Young Girl Detective

Episode 79: The Timeless

Link Love:



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Thursday, April 03, 2008

I Remember Joe: A 2008 Tribute

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I Remember Joe: A 2008 Tribute

Posted March 31st, 2008 by Tee Morris
Categories: Blogroll, General, Podcast

These are the reflections, the memories, and the considerations of people from across the country and around the world that called Joe Murphy “friend”…

* Chris Lester (Detroit, Michigan)
* Brad Bowyer (Louisville, Ketuckey)
* Valerie Griswold-Ford (Conchord, New Hampshire)
* Kevin Bachelder (Boston, Massachusetts)
* Megan Enloe (Orange County, California)
* Cat a/k/a The SciFi Ranter Girl (Houston, Texas)
* Zac Ricks (Rexburg, Idaho)
* Nathan Lowell (Greeley, Colorado)
* Paul Fischer (Dunn Loring, Virginia)
* Tony Mast (Ofallon, Missouri)
* Just a J0e (Podosphere, The Internet)
* Robin Hudson (Seoul, Korea)
* Philippa Ballantine (Wellington, New Zealand)
* Tee Morris (Manassas, Virginia)
* TD-0013 (Dune Sea, Tattoine)
* Debbie Walker (Mesa, Arizona)
* Jack Mangan (Phoenix, Arizona)
* Sheila Unwin (Chandler, Arizona)
* Evo Terra (Chandler, Arizona)

These are only a few of the lives this one single voice in the podosphere touched. This is a show that may make you laugh, may make you cry, and will give you a look at the soul we all knew for far too brief a time. For those of you contributing to this audio tribute, we at the Joe Murphy Memorial Fund thank you.

On April 1st, either in place of or in addition to your show if you have one posted on that date, we at the Joe Murphy Memorial Fund ask that you play this special episode. Play no additional promos, just this episode, and please direct show notes for the episode here at And when you play the Tribute show, feel free to post the title of your show, where in the world you podcast from, and tag it with “((Title of Your Podcast)) Remembers Joe.”

The more people carry this episode, the more people will know about our missing ninja. Thank you all for your time and attention. Tell everyone you know.

Music provided by Beatnik Turtle and George Hrab.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Onthepodcast: Episode 13 - Tee Morris & George Hrab

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Onthepodcast: Episode 13 - Tee Morris & George Hrab Intro

Tee Morris' Morevi Remastered Promo:

Interview with Tee Morris:

Podcasts Tee is listening to:
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SpyCast @
Murder at Avedon Hill @
Geologic Podcast @
Mur Lafferty @
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Scott Sigler @
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Stranger Things @
Tiki Bar TV @
Podrunner @
Aaron Aviles @

The Atomic Suburbia Promo:

Think for Yourself by George Hrab:

The Buffy Between The Lines Promo:

End of Onthepodcast: Episode - April Fools!

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