Friday, November 16, 2007's LIVE Twitter from The Police live in Charlotte, NC: 11/15/07

Hello again everyone,

What follows is a transcript of my LIVE Twitter play-by-play from the Charlotte Bobcats Arena, in lovely "Uptown" Charlotte, NC on 11/15/07 where The Police played a show on their 2007 reunion tour. Hope you enjoy it!

At the police show. Opening band was good but can't remember their name. (Fiction Plane - fronted by Joe Sumner, Sting’s son)

22 bucks for a burger BBQ sw (sandwich) fries and a drink. Bobcats arena is anything but cheap.

Cost offset by finding spot on street a few blocks away and not in the $20 lot

Here they come

* Opening with Message In A Bottle

Minimal crap on the stage and they sound amazing

* Stewart had drum problems at start of song two. Synchronicity

Cool screens above stage with video of each member.

Cool bid (vid) effect with red, yellow and blue from album (Synchronicity)

* Walking On The Moon. And I meant video effects.

They’re totally just jamming (on) the bridge of this song.

* Sorry don't know this one

Very cool solo break by Andy. They all look like they’re actually having fun.

* Don’t Stand So Close To Me.

Ripping guitar intro by Andy

* Don't know the song. Driven To Tears? God, as a band they’re so tight.

* They’re on fire as a unit tonight. Sorry don't know this one either.

Into hit the road jack. That was weird. But cool

* Song from the first album

As far as reunion tours go...this one was done right.

The sound quality is outstanding too.

*Every Little Thing

Their sound guy should get a medal. Best sounding arena show I’ve ever been to.

* Wrapped Around Your Finger

Very orchestral airy arrangement for three guys to pull off. Stewarts playing kettle drums

Back on the kit

Back to the perc (percussion) again. Awesome

* Do Do Do

* Invisible sun

Sting and a pan flute

More percussion for Stewart

* Walking In Your Footsteps

Weird dinosaur animation

*Can’t Stand Losing You

That was last song

Cool Ghost In The Machine graphics


* Roxanne

* King Of Pain

* So Lonely

* Every Breath You Take

They left Andy out there by himself

Encore two

* Next To You

That’s it kids. The Police have left the building.

Great show. Now off to find the car.

The following comments were posted after the show

Overall impressions of the police show. 1) Great show 2) Great crew as lights, video & sound were fantastic 3) Eat before you go

I met Sting a few years back on one of his solo tours and he was very "English"...that doesn't seem to have changed much. ☺

Finally, I get the impression that when sting does his little "a-oooo" thing, Stewart Copeland would like to shove a drumstick up his... (Sorry ran out of characters on my Twitter post…oh well, you get the idea.)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

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