Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New on the pod

New on the pod

Heavy - : Van Halen – Live: Tokyo 6/17/1978
80’s : Guns N’ Roses – (More) Chinese Democracy Demos
Rock : Billy Squire – Happy Blue
Heavy + : Buckcherry – 15
Progressive : Kings X – Gretchen Goes To Nebraska
Instrumental : Joe Satriani – Unreleased Satch
Instrumental : The Entire Steve Vai Catalogue
Audiobook: Elie Wiesel – Night (Listening Now)
Quick Audiobook Review:

Vince Flynn – Consent to Kill: Best Mitch Rapp book in the series since the first one.

Javier Sierra – The Secret Supper: Saw an interview with him where he said that his findings were real. The Book is a novelization. The story is decent enough. Wonder how much is real?

Kate Mosse - The Labyrinth: Starts good then switches gears really suddenly. Once you figure out what’s going on, the story is really pretty good. It did seem kind of long though.
Things have been starting to look a little different here at onthepod.net lately. I added a SiteBurner Site Feed that will give you an RSS feed. It’s really easy to get updates, just type in your email address where it says “Enter your email address to subscribe” on the right hand side of the page. Then when updates are made, you’ll get the feed. SiteBurner checks for updates once a day.

Opened up a store over at Café Press (www.cafepress.com/onthepod) and there’s a whole bunch of stuff with the nifty onthepod.net logo plastered all over it.
I’ve already got my order in.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't Kate Moss a model?

Anonymous said...

Isn't Kate Moss a model? She sings too?

pseudojoe said...

sorry...that was a misspell on my part. the author's name is kate mosse