Friday, September 28, 2007

On the pod's LIVE Twitter from Van Halen's 2007 World Tour Opening Night in Charlotte, NC

What follows is a slightly cleaned up version of my live Twitter play by play from the opening night of Van Halen’s 1997 World Tour in Charlotte, NC. Hope you enjoy it:

Getting excited for VH tonight, but secretly hoping for a train wreck so I finally have a good story to tell

At the arena

At the Merch. booth w/ $10 bumper stickers

At the seats and couldn't be higher up in the arena. Marley is on now

There are two rather large VH blimps circling the inside of the arena


The blimps have left

Lights off here they come

You Really Got Me

Sounds good

I'm The One

Wolfs good but I miss Mike

Gratuitous pause for love

Runnin’ With The Devil

Crowd singing Runnin’ With The Devil louder than VH. Crazy. Next up, Dave talking…I can't remember the name but the lyric is “bringing whiskey to the party tonight...” (It was Romeo Delight )

Ed's playing a Peavey not Fender

Dave on harmonica (and or bull horn)
Somebody Get Me A Doctor

Beautiful Girls

Dave's strutting but they're basically just standing there

Dance The Night Away

Dave’s humping a top hat

…And there’s pot

Ed and Wolf kiss.
Atomic Punk

Wolfs walking the crowd loop

Everybody Wants Some

Ed and Dave in a motorcycle noise contest (Mouth vs. Guitar)

So This Is Love

My phone died, borrowing the wife’s

Mean Streets

Next song...
Oh, Pretty Woman

Alex’s drum solo

Pretty good drum solo actually (it was the best one I’ve heard him play to be honest)

Next song...Unchained

I'll Wait...the “mentalotomy” song…sorry inside joke

Dave’s on the loop

Ed’s got a Black and White (VH Striped) Fender with 2007 where 5150 would be

…And The Cradle Will Rock

Ed’s got a new Black and White with some Red (VH Striped) Fender

Smoke On The Water guitar out into
Hot For Teacher

I just watched my wife head bang...who is this woman???!!!

Ed’s back to a Peavey

Dave walks the crowd loop again

Little Dreamer

Little Guitars

Ed has “Frankenstein” (most likely a Fender relic copy)

Jamie’s Cryin’

Dave still likes to shake his ass

Dave talks

Dave talks some more

Dave is pickin around on an acoustic talking about an ice cream truck...any ideas?


Ice Cream Man


EVH guitar solo

(Women In Love intro variant) 316 variant


There are 8 double headed 5150 III stacks on stage...4 right & 4 left...Eruption variant

Guitar feedback

He went down for a minute…thought he might have broke that hip, but he’s ok :)

Cathedral variant

Eruption tapping variant

The hip thing was a joke by the way

Done and into Ain't Talkin’ ‘Bout Love

Dave does sound good, even this far into the show

Looks like the last song

Ed, Wolf, Dave and Alex bow

1984 & a big ass disco ball

Dave and a big red flag...dunno about that...into Jump

Dave and Eddie hi-five to a keyboard song...ironic don’t ya think?

Dave does swordplay with a mic stand

Dave rides the big inflatable mic into the sunset...confetti and exit stage left

That's all folks

Van Halen’s opening night in Charlotte, NC is now history :)

It’s hot, very hot… and we are never getting out of here by the way

The following was posted after the show:

Sat on a bench with the wife after the show, as we weren't getting out of the garage anytime soon, and dissected the show.

For what it was, she felt it was really good where as I feel it was pretty good. I don't think it could ever have lived up to they hype.

Still, for an opening night and given the was a great show. For the triumphant return of the MIGHTY MIGHTY VAN HALEN…it was a pretty good show.

However, if they make it further on down the tour should be awesome, without a doubt. They were still kind of feeling it out tonight.

So…that’s it folks, my live Twitter posted directly from inside the Charlotte Bobcats Arena in Charlotte, NC on 09/27/07…The opening night of Van Halen’s 2007 World Tour.