Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Jonatha Brooke - Careful What You Wish For

Jonatha Brooke – Careful What You Wish For

Jonatha Brooke’s seventh release, Careful What You Wish For finds her in a much different place than her earlier recordings. Empowered and supported by her live band, featuring Darren Embry on Bass, Rich Mercurio on Drums and Geoffrey Moore on Guitar, the album is a much more electric offering, both in sound and spirit than any of her previous efforts.

All of the tracks on Careful What You Wish For are strong and full of a frenetic energy that was glimpsed on her recent live album, Live In New York. There are also the quiet moments that Jonatha Brooke does so well, one of which is the beautiful, Je N’peaux Pas Te Plaire. Despite, or perhaps because of, its French vocal, the track is sophisticated and elegant and yet very laid back.

Careful What You Wish For also continues the instrumental eclecticism of her prior albums that is almost a Jonatha Brooke trademark. Along with being eclectic, all of the musical performances are as warm and intimate as they are powerful and driven. Lyrically and melodically, the album finds Jonatha agile as ever, continuing in the tradition set with her very first releases.

Careful What You Wish For again finds Brooke partnered with veteran producer and long time collaborator Bob Clearmountain to handle most of the technical studio requirements as well as some of the instrumental duties. Surprisingly, there are also a few new and seemingly odd faces on Careful What You Wish For, in the guise JC Chasez of N’Sync and Nick Lachey, both of whom share writing credits on the album.

Throughout her two albums with The Story and her previous solo releases, Jonatha Brooke has continued to grow as a writer, musician and most of all as an artist and Careful What You Wish For is no exception. This album is a welcome addition to Jonatha Brooke’s album catalogue…and mine.

PS – If you order Careful What You Wish For from it comes signed by Jonatha herself.