Sunday, April 20, 2008

Onthepodcast: Episode 015 - Philippa Ballantine, Paul Fischer and Babylon Bombs

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Onthepodcast: Episode 15 – Intro

Philippa Ballantine’s Chasing The Bard Promo

Philippa Ballantine & Chasing The Bard

Ronnie Blackwell’s Serve It Cold Promo

Ronnie Blackwell's Website:

Serve It Cold at

The Dancing Cat Studios Website:

My Introduction to Paul Fischer

The A.D.D.cast Website:

The Balticon Podcast Website:

The Dancing Cat Studios Website:

Paul Fischer’s Intro to Hometown Hero by Babylon Bombs

The Babylon Bombs Website:

The Podsafe Music Network Website:

Mike Bennett’s Hall of Mirrors: Salvation Promo

End of Episode 15 of Onthepodcast

Ann Regentin’s A Foolish World Promo

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