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I Remember Joe: A 2008 Tribute

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I Remember Joe: A 2008 Tribute

Posted March 31st, 2008 by Tee Morris
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These are the reflections, the memories, and the considerations of people from across the country and around the world that called Joe Murphy “friend”…

* Chris Lester (Detroit, Michigan)
* Brad Bowyer (Louisville, Ketuckey)
* Valerie Griswold-Ford (Conchord, New Hampshire)
* Kevin Bachelder (Boston, Massachusetts)
* Megan Enloe (Orange County, California)
* Cat a/k/a The SciFi Ranter Girl (Houston, Texas)
* Zac Ricks (Rexburg, Idaho)
* Nathan Lowell (Greeley, Colorado)
* Paul Fischer (Dunn Loring, Virginia)
* Tony Mast (Ofallon, Missouri)
* Just a J0e (Podosphere, The Internet)
* Robin Hudson (Seoul, Korea)
* Philippa Ballantine (Wellington, New Zealand)
* Tee Morris (Manassas, Virginia)
* TD-0013 (Dune Sea, Tattoine)
* Debbie Walker (Mesa, Arizona)
* Jack Mangan (Phoenix, Arizona)
* Sheila Unwin (Chandler, Arizona)
* Evo Terra (Chandler, Arizona)

These are only a few of the lives this one single voice in the podosphere touched. This is a show that may make you laugh, may make you cry, and will give you a look at the soul we all knew for far too brief a time. For those of you contributing to this audio tribute, we at the Joe Murphy Memorial Fund thank you.

On April 1st, either in place of or in addition to your show if you have one posted on that date, we at the Joe Murphy Memorial Fund ask that you play this special episode. Play no additional promos, just this episode, and please direct show notes for the episode here at And when you play the Tribute show, feel free to post the title of your show, where in the world you podcast from, and tag it with “((Title of Your Podcast)) Remembers Joe.”

The more people carry this episode, the more people will know about our missing ninja. Thank you all for your time and attention. Tell everyone you know.

Music provided by Beatnik Turtle and George Hrab.

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