Sunday, March 16, 2008

Onthepodcast: Episode 011 - Acrassicauda and Antigone Rising

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Onthepodcast: Episode 11 Intro

Seth Harwood’s Jack Palms III Promo

Acrassicauda: The ONLY Iraqi Metal Band

Acrassicauda’s MySpace Page:

The Acrassicauda Documentary: Heavy Metal In Baghdad:

Jared Axelrod’s The Voice of Free Planet X Promo

Antigone Rising and Don’t Look Back
From their album From The Ground Up:

Antigone Rising’s Website:

Antigone Rising’s MySpace Page:

Election Coverage of Chuck Tomasi and Kreg Steppe for PodPresident

The End of Onthepodcast: Episode 11

Creative Commons Info and Contact Info:
Listener Line: 704-900-3560

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1 comment:

Chuck Tomasi said...

Thanks for playing the PodPresident ad.

--Chuck Tomasi