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New: On the pod

New: On the pod

8mm – Songs to Love and Die By
The Beatles – Love
Brian Kahanek – Real Live
Buckethead – Cuckoo Clocks of Hell
Buckethead – Enter the Chicken
Buckethead – Island of Lost Minds
Buckethead – Population Override
Carbon Leaf – Love, Loss, Hope, Repeat
Corinne Bailey Ray – Corinne Bailey Ray
Danzig – Danzig
Georgia Satellites – Georgia Satellites
Guy Clark – Workbench Songs
Gwen Stefani – The Sweet Escape
The Hold Steady – Boys & Girls in America
Holly Brook – Like Blood, Like Honey
Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins – Rabbit Fur Coat
Loreena McKennitt – An Ancient Muse
Lynyrd Skynyrd – All Time Greatest Hits
Patty Smyth – Never Enough
Whitesnake – Live…In the Shadow of the Blues
Wolfmother – Wolfmother
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Show Your Bones

News: On the pod

So…it’s been a while. I swear December 2006 was the worst month for new music I have ever seen. I managed to find some stuff since though, as you can see. Most of it is from earlier in 2006 and some of it is even older than that…can you say Danzig?

Four of my New: On the pod artists are a direct link to my coolest Christmas present from this year (or last year now I guess). My wife gave me Guitar Hero II and I haven’t seen her since December 25th. What an awesome game that is…I suck at it mind you, but it’s an awesome game. Anyway, that’s why Brian Kahanek, Buckethead, Danzig and Wolfmother are New: On the pod.

Kahanek’s Gemini is one of the bonus songs you can add to your set list in Guitar Hero II and it’s really cool. A sweet little southern/bluesy intro followed by some rippin’ guitar parts make Gemini fun to play and listen to.

The above video is of Matt Kegermann rockin’ the crap out of Buckethead’s Jordan, another bonus song you can add to your set list. There are four difficulty levels in Guitar Hero II; easy, medium, hard and expert and depending on your performance you can get anywhere between 1 and 5 stars. I was only able to manage 4 stars on medium. 5 stars on expert…Kegermann is sick.

Glenn Danzig and Mother…bad ass tune from a creepy guy.

Wolfmother’s track Woman accompanies Danzig in Guitar Hero II’s Opening Licks section and is, like mother, another bad ass tune. It reminds me a lot of early Aerosmith among others and is a blast to play.

I guess you could call that a glowing thumbs up review for Guitar Hero II. It’s totally worth the cost of the game and the controller. There are other wireless guitar controllers you can buy too, including a red metal flake Flying V and there are even pre-made graphics you can pick up so you can customize your stock SG controller…mine now has Eddie Van Halen like stripes.

God, I’m such a geek.

In Other News:

On the finding new music front, Hear Music on XM is really turning me on to a lot of new people I wouldn’t normally hear. Carbon Leaf, Corinne Bailey Ray and Holly Brook are all finds from that station along with AM from my last review. If you have XM, give it a shot.

Speaking of XM, I also picked up Guy Clark’s Workbench Songs after hearing him on the Bob Edwards Show. It was a very cool interview and the songs that were featured were outstanding, so I’m looking forward to giving that a listen.

As I’ve already admitted to being a geek once, there are no new Audiobooks to report on because I’m still working my way through the Star Wars New Jedi Order books I made using Text-To-Speech and a bunch of EBooks. I just finished #12 plus three short stories, so I only have seven left with one short story and I’m done. It’s actually an interesting idea if you can get past the Star Wars aspect of it. Somebody had a story idea, outlined it and then managed to get a bunch of different authors to write books in the story arc. It’s interesting to see how the vision of what goes on, in what is essentially the same story, changes based on who’s writing at the time. I know...still a geek.

On a side note, if you happen to still rent movies at a store and know what Redbox is, check out Trust me, it’s worth the visit.

There’s not too much more to tell this time around other than On the might have a couple of weeks of inactivity starting at the end of January. There’s some stuff I need to take care of that may or may not keep me away from a computer for a few weeks…we’ll see.

Have a great 2007 and, as usual, keep listening!

Joe from On the

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