Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Joe Satriani – Super Colossal


Joe Satriani – Super Colossal

Let me start by saying that I love Joe Satriani. He is one of my favorite guitar players on the planet and any new album he puts out will always find its way into my collection.

Super Colossal is his 10th studio album and his most recent since 2004’s Is There Love In Space. Sonically, the album is great with awesome guitar sounds and arrangements.

This album shows us a more mature instrumentalist and song writer. In some ways, it’s a more subtle Joe Satriani. He has continued to work on building a good song as opposed to just showing off his technical mastery of the instrument. That being said please don’t think that Super Colossal doesn’t showcase some incredible guitar playing…because it does. It’s just not in your face all the time, it’s in its place as part of something larger than itself.

In my opinion, this album is like a continuation of a conversation he started a few albums back. He’s not trying to impress us with the fact that he can play, by the tenth album we either know that or we don’t. This album is like the middle act of a trilogy, it’s all about character and plot development. It doesn’t necessarily have all the action and intrigue of an opening or closing act, but it doesn’t need it. It is part of the larger story that is Joe Satriani and hopefully we won’t see a closing act anytime soon.

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