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Eddie Van Halen – Music from Sacred Sin

Van Halen: The Where Are They Now Extravaganza - Part IV

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Eddie Van Halen – Music from Sacred Sin (2006)

If the fact that Jenna Jameson is a household name isn’t proof enough that the adult industry is part of the mainstream these days, nothing is going to change your mind, but…this could help. Eddie Van Halen, the renowned virtuosic guitarist, has decided to lend his talents to his friend, Michael Ninn and his latest project, an adult film called Sacred Sin.

Eddie is quoted as saying,

"I'm working with a friend…very simple,” and "I like his work. Michael Ninn is like a Spielberg to me…the imagery, the way he makes things look, just...sensual."

Well, Ok then. There’s not really a lot you can say to a comment like that, so we’ll just let it sit out there for a while as we soak up the implications. Jaws, ET, Indiana Jones, Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan…all right, Hook maybe, but come on...Spielberg?!?!?

This whole thing is kind of baffling to me in that I always expected Britney Spears to turn to a career in porn before Eddie Van Halen, but as they say…life is stranger than fiction. Being an adult, and realizing that Van Halen’s core audience is now mostly made of up the “consenting adult” age group, I guess it’s ok as long as he’s not going to be in the porn flick himself, because frankly I’ve seen the pictures from the Oscar party and it wasn’t pretty.

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Apparently the flick will be out on September 13th and available in full-on robot chubby and “Disney” family versions for the discriminating coinsure and even better, the two disc set will include videos for EVH’s two songs.

If you just can’t wait (I couldn’t), the tracks are currently available for download from Ninn’s website or you can just use the links if you want to check them out.

Musically, both Rise and Catherine bear more of a resemblance to Balance’s Baluchitherium or the Twister Soundtrack’s Respect the Wind than to the sheer jaw-dropping brilliance of Van Halen’s Eruption. That is not to say, however, that the tracks are not signature EVH. Every riff, hammer-on and pick slide screams Eddie, just like his fans do during solos at live shows.

The two tracks are entertaining to listen to, all the more so because of the recent drought of new music from the VH camp. Catherine, while not staggeringly brilliant, manages to convey a dark epic feeling that many of Eddie Van Halen’s compositions have not really hit upon before. Rise treads more familiar sonic territory for Ed…and knowing where these songs were destine to appear, Rise begins with a certain feel that seems like a good fit for its intended home. However, once you get into the heart of the piece, you can hear echoes of the Hagar era Van Halen that brought EVH and company to the heights of their popularity.

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Eddie Van Halen once said that he had no desire to do a solo album because Van Halen albums were his solo albums. He also said that in Van Halen, he had everything he needed. Van Halen I was released in 1978. Three lead singers and nearly thirty years later, the future of Van Halen seems to be in perpetual limbo. Without a singer in Van Halen, hopefully Eddie will have a change of heart with regard to the possibility of a solo album, but if not…two tracks from an adult film will have to do.

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Anonymous said...

Eddie Van Halen - Sacred Sin (2006)

In 2006, Eddie Van Halen had been wanting to do some solo work outside of the band and music industry. So as a fun side project, Eddie had joined forces with his friend Michael Ninn, an adult movie director, to write and perform two songs for the Ninn Worx feature, "Sacred Sin". Ninn is highly respected within the industry for his artistic movies.
Eddie Van Halen: "I'm working with a friend - very simple. I like his work," he said. "Michael Ninn is like a Spielberg to me: the imagery, the way he makes things look, just...sensual."

* Two new songs by Eddie Van Halen, "Rise" and "Catherine," both guitar instrumentals. The two-disc set contains three music videos for the two songs.
1) "Rise" video (5:30) shows Eddie playing his original red striped Charvel Strat! And contains imagery from the movie "Sacred Sin" (no nudity).
2) "Catherine" video (6:42) shows Eddie playing Eddie playing guitar (and drums!) in his famous 5150 studio, and also contains imagery from the movie "Catherine" (no nudity).
3) "Catherine - The EVH Studio Cut" video: (6:45) The entire video is exclusively Eddie playing guitar (and drums!) in his famous 5150 studio! This is some very cool collectable footage of Ed in the studio... and there isn't much of that around!
* Eddie also contributed some transitional piano pieces that are sprinkled throughout the movie.
* (Eddie does not appear in the movie... he is only in the three music videos. The three music videos/songs are only available on this DVD, not on any CD or other release).

DVD music videos ripped to mp3@320CBR

Track listing

1. "Rise" - 5:30
2. "Catherine" - 6:45